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Valtrex is used for treating shingles (herpes zoster), cold sores (fever blisters or herpes labialis), and treating, suppressing, or reducing transmission of genital herpes in patients with normal immune systems.

Valtrex alternative over the counter drug, in some circumstances they are both listed as approved at the same time. I would hope that no one actually rely on them both so why is this still a problem? Just to clarify - I'm not asking you can get the dasatinib as part of pyrimethamine package. Only whether dasatinib and pyrimethamine would both be listed under the same headings on TCA web page. Or in the TCA online drug information pages. For what it's worth, dasatinib is still listed under "Discovery and Discovery-based Treatments", so you have that Valtrex 500mg $108.96 - $3.63 Per pill advantage: 1) You can make appropriate and reasonable comparisons with its other options, and 2) However, if the FDA issues a different classification than TCA listing, you're stuck using what you can find in print (at least on this website) to guide your decision. So, I would suggest that you continue to use the TCA page(s) for dasatinib, provided that they exist - but do consider a comparison site such as our table to more easily find the relevant information. Finally, if the TCA website is available only in German, then one could also consider a website such as our German Drugs Online (GDE) that has English-language versions of the drug information. In response to another poster... ... the current pharmacy online perth TCA listings for dasatinib and pyrimethamine are in German, so if anyone understands and would be willing to translate the TCA web page... I would be very grateful. Another poster... Yes, they are. The listings are translated by I can check it out, and the listings don't tell you much. I just wanted to point out that the FDA has made clear that they would like drug labels in English for listings. In response to another poster... You might consider starting an open source project (perhaps for this site at least) that helps identify FDA-approved drugs are listed in more than one TCA table. You could do this by working in the FDA's database, then working with the TCA listing pages by using a search engine. I believe that if enough people could join up, you may be able to track new drugs. I just looked through my files for something that might be interesting: "Discovery and Discovery-based Treatments" listing for the last 5 years (there might be a way for individual TCA listings to get you started). I can't find what it says yet, but once or twice, I've been able to find drug companies using various terms (such as diflicult) to describe a drug's approved status. (I suspect that such language may have been used because FDA had already listed another drug with a similar description as approved with the same indication.) In response to another poster... As far I know, pyrimethamine is not listed under "Discovery and Discovery-based Treatments". If you would like to add it under similar headings that we have at another section of the website, please do. In response to another poster... Unfortunately, it appears that the listing FDA recommends, for approval of a treatment patient, can vary from that FDA-approved therapy. Some of the terms and conditions that FDA lists were included in the original "Discovery and Discovery-based Treatments" (TCA) listings that were used before the FDA added an update in 1997. There is no reason to believe that.

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