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Unisom is used for treating occasional sleeplessness and reducing difficulty falling asleep.

Doxylamine succinate 25 mg - nighttime sleep-aid Sleep aids also include: Zolpidem (Ambien) - a dose of 1-2 mg in the morning can be beneficial; after awakening, this tranquilizer will help you fall asleep fast Cricut - this device, similar to the alarm clock, will keep you fully awake for as long it can hold you immobility. If are unable to remain immobile, the device will switch you to sleep mode, so that you can go about your normal activities in bed Melatonin - this natural hormone helps to regulate your body's internal clock and can help you fall asleep faster than others. It is also helpful to help you sleep while are still awake Advil® - take twice a day; it helps you feel better after drinking alcohol or taking other drugs, which can put you to sleep. Make sure drink a before sleeping. If you have a medical condition that affects your blood sugar levels, use with caution Take an exercise or a physical therapy class. Regular activity helps you keep your body alert and helps you fall asleep faster Drink lots of water - a small glass each hour, with a snack will help you stay hydrated, which can make you feel even more refreshed Drink plenty of water, in all sorts forms - sports drinks, sodas, hot or cold teas, fruit juice, etc... Use water from the fountain at your workplace to refill bottles in case of breakage How to fall asleep - get sleep You will be able to fall asleep if you follow three basic rules: 1. Have a plan It is important to have some kind of plan for how you will fall asleep. Have a sleep plan that you stick to, and then try it every night. A good sleep plan can be as simple "if I go to bed right after lunch, where can i buy doxylamine in the uk I should fall asleep" or as complex "I will not leave the house for rest of day, I will fall asleep the moment I get home in the morning" 2. Sleep early in the day As soon you get up in the morning - which can be as early 3am - you need to fall asleep. After your alarm hits, you can start putting yourself into a deep state of sleep by keeping your muscles relaxed, with mind awake. 3. Make things you need more difficult When you are trying to fall asleep, try force yourself to do whatever is making you anxious, or whatever would make you feel worse than what are experiencing. If you go to bed immediately after dinner, rather than having dinner with your family, you will probably fall asleep faster 4. Put on relaxing music before bed time The best way to make yourself fall asleep is to put on relaxing music. Here are some great choices of music to help you fall asleep: Silent shower as your first piece of music Gramophone record of rain and the wind lulling you to sleep Silence during your next piece You might want to take a shower that is at least 20 minutes long. If you wake up before the music stops, you may want to try fall asleep quickly by pretending that you are going to turn away, and then closing your eyes. This trick is called "the 'sneak opening'", and is a more effective way of waking up than trying to go back your normal sleep schedule - it's hard to wake up when you have just taken a shower. Remember that falling asleep is not as easy it seems! Try to stick this method, and you will eventually be able to fall asleep like a baby. Getting to bed early is just as important, because it is easier to fall asleep early than it is to fall asleep at a normal time. Make sure you are already feeling tired, tired enough to fall asleep, since you are already in your deep and state of sleep, with your mind awake and muscles relaxed.

Doxylamine 50 Capsules 200mg $139 - $2.78 Per pill
Doxylamine 50 Capsules 200mg $139 - $2.78 Per pill

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Doxylamine succinate brands in particular, which have been used in Europe for about 150 years; the main source of compounds in these products is aldehydes. In order to measure the amount of aldehydes in foodstuff, there are now two standard instruments, one in the United States, other Britain. American instruments and the British are different in some ways, so the results of two tests should only be compared with one another caution. Both instruments rely on a technique called gas chromatography. Both instruments are sensitive enough to detect very small amounts of aldehydes, usually below a millionth of gram. But they are not effective when the concentration is high. The two instruments for measuring amount of aldehydes in foodstuff are: • Gas chromatography of ketone (GC-K) • Gas chromatography of aldehydes (GC-AL) In the GC-K method, a liquid is poured into plastic tube containing a gas. The liquid is heated to approximately 100°C generic drug prices canada vs us for a few seconds and then the gas is slowly introduced into the liquid by introducing a valve into the tube. After a few seconds, the gas mixture is allowed to evaporate and the resulting droplets in liquid are measured. The results converted into relative concentrations of aldehydes. The GC-AL method is based on a different technique, but is used more frequently. The two devices are not easily distinguished, as the results of their measurements have to be compared. It is therefore necessary to know what they measure, especially in the case of GC-K tests. In most experiments conducted with GC-K, a few drops of liquid are applied to a test tube containing solution of aldehydes. The liquid is heated to at least 100°C. After a few seconds, the liquid droplets are collected into a tube. The remaining aldehydes in liquid are then dried out and removed from the test tube. The GC-AL method is a more advanced procedure, in which the liquid drops are not heated to the temperature at which aldehydes are formed. Instead, the liquid is placed into a tube containing solution of aldehydes. The is then diluted to a concentration Doxylamine 30 Pills 2mg $159 - $5.3 Per pill that allows the liquid to be collected in a droplet. liquid drop is then introduced into the test tube. remaining aldehydes in the solution evaporate and droplet containing the aldehyde is taken out of the tube. liquid is then dried and the droplets are counted relative concentrations of aldehydes in the droplet are measured. What is the significance of aldehyde levels found in foodstuffs? The following table gives relative aldehyde concentrations in a range of foods where the chemical compounds are known. Food aldehyde concentration (nM) Chicken sausage 6.8 Tuna 13.0 Shrimp 13.2 Beef 14.0 Bacon 15.8 Turkey 17.0 Cheddar cheese 30.0 Sausage 31.9 Pasta 32.0 Wheat bread 33.0 Rice 33.4 Brown rice 33.5 White rice 33.6 Peas 33.9 If a high degree of food aldehyde presence is confirmed in foodstuffs, there may be a health hazard, either in people who consume it, or in the people who come into contact with these animals. Foods with high aldehyde levels may be foods not generally regarded as harmful, but they can cause health problems when consumed, especially they are fermented. An example of this is the formation carcinogenic aldehydes in meats, which can affect the health of people who eat them.

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Doxylamine Succinate And Pyridoxine Hydrochloride Brands
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2008 BMW M6 Coupe…Factory Warranty!….Low Miles!






2007 Lamborghini LP 640…6 SPEED MANUAL


Black/ Black

6 Speed Manual Tranny

2 Owner Lambo

Pristine Condition

17k Miles

Private Party Sale

2005 Aston DB9…..Big Bang for the Buck!…..SOLD!


Tungsten/ Black

6 Liter 450 HP  V-12 Powered!

Same owner since 2007

Service History since New!

ONLY 23,000 Miles

Immaculate Condition!

Privately Owned….Free and Clear Title


Quote taken from publication:

If you are among the few who can afford a car like this, better get used to the stares. Even along the ritzy streets of Nice France, vacation home for many of Europe’s elite, the DB9 is a conversation stopper – especially when you squeeze the throttle coming off a stoplight. The 450-horsepower V-12 responds with a deep roar and you immediately find yourself sinking deep into the Aston’s well-padded seats.

2001 Lamborghini Diablo 6.0 VT…….SOLD!


Viola Ophelia/ Ivory (Rare factory color)

Current owner purchased in 2003 with just 2400 miles.

Factory Wing

Factory Black Alcantara Dash and Headliner

Pioneer Nav/ Rear Camera/Stereo/Bluetooth

Signed by Valentino Balboni

Privately Owned and Titled

16,900 Miles

2013 Corvette 427 Convertible..Only 430 miles!…SOLD!


(Scroll down for photo gallery)

Night Race Blue Metallic/ Ebony

Factory 7.0 Liter with 505 HP

6 Speed Manual Tranny

Only 430 Miles!


Original MSRP $91,400

Factory Options:

  • 1SC Package

  1. Power Convertible Top

  2. Leather wrapped Interior

  3. Special Trim

  4. Leather Seating Surfaces

  5. Memory package

  6. Power Seat Adjusters

  7. Power Bolsters

  8. Power Lumbars

  9. Universal Home Remote

  • 427 Heritage Package

  • Carbon Fiber package

  • Custom Leather Blue Stitching

  • Pedal Covers

  • Battery Protection



2014 Mercedes G63 AMG Wagon……Only 800 Miles


Polar White/ Black with Red Designio Quilted leather

The All NEW G63….2014 Model!

ONLY 800 Miles

Privately Owned and Titled

No Lien

Ready for Immediate delivery


2012 Revozport McLaren MP4……ONLY 1500 Miles!


(Scroll down to Photo Gallery)

McLaren Orange / Black  with Orange Stitching

Only 1500 Miles

One Owner

2013 McLaren Updates : 616 HP

Factory Options:

  • Special Paint-McLaren Orange

  • McLaren Orange Calipers

  • Ceramic Brakes

  • Carbon Fiber Splitter

  • Carbon Fiber Engine Covers

  • Carbon Fiber Interior Upgrade

  • Carbon Fiber Seat Backs

  • Alcantara and Leather  Interior

  • Premium Meridian Sound Package

  • McLaren Branded Floor Mat Set

  • Car Cover

  • Lithium Ion Battery Charger

  • Stealth package

 Custom Add-Ons: $31,700

 I Forge Wheels with Toyo Tires: $9000

 Revozport : $20, 200 Total

  • Front Bumper/Carbon…..$10,000 ($7500 plus $2500 Install)

  • Carbon Side Rocker……….$3200 ($2700 plus $500 Install)

  • Big Carbon Wing…………..$3200 ($2700 plus $500 Install)

  • Rear Carbon Diffuser…….$3800 ($3500 plus $300 Install)

Full Front End Clear Bra: $2500


2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder Twin Turbo


Pearl Yellow/ Black

Heffner 1200 HP Package…(1400 HP race Gas setting)

6 Speed Manual

10,200 Miles

Less than 1000 Miles on TT Build with 12k mile warranty

Privately owned with lien Free Title

Immaculate Condition!

Located in Florida……Inspections Welcome!

$189,500/ Offer/ Adventador Trade plus cash

(Scroll all the way down for photo gallery)

Factory Options:

•6 speed manual transmission

•Branding package

•Front lift system

•power seats

•extended leather

•black seats with yellow stitching

•yellow calipers

Value Adding Upgrades:

•Heffner Performance upgraded 6 speed manual transmission with billet drop down gears.

•Lightweight two-piece Girodisc brake rotors and high performance pads

•ADV1 10.1 Monoblock lightweight wheels finished in matte black

•Monarchy LP570 style front bumper (carbon fiber)

•Carbon fiber rear diffuser

•Carbon fiber side skrits

•Superleggera exhaust tips

•Toyo R888 Tires

•Full clear bra

Heffner 1200 HP Twin Turbo Build kit:

•Twin ball bearing turbochargers

•Twin TIAL 44mm waste gates

•Twin TIAL 50mm pressure relief valves

•Custom Spearco water to air intercooler

•Stainless steel turbo exhaust piping

•Polished stainless steel air charge piping

•Twin high flow air filters

•Braided stainless steel turbo oil and water lines

•Upgraded engine management system

•Twin high flow in tank fuel pumps

•Upgraded fuel lines

•High flow fuel rails

•High flow fuel injectors

•Adjustable fuel pressure regulator

•Four ply silicone hose couplers

•T style hose clamps for all air charge piping

•Engine removal and disassembly

•Installation of steel cylinder liners

•Custom designed CP forged pistons

•Carrillo billet steel connecting rods

•High performance piston rings

•New engine bearings

•New engine gaskets and seals

•New main bearing cap bolts

•New cylinder head bolts

•Engine assembly and installation

•Upgraded twin disc clutch system

•Speed sensitive boost control system

2011 Mercedes G55 AMG…Low Low Miles!


Mocha Black/ Brown Nappa leather

One Owner (Purchased at Mercedes of Beverly Hills)

Factory Warranty until July 1015

Only 14,527 Miles

2011 marks Mercedes last year of the G55 AMG.

(Scroll Down for more Photos)

   I would like to say this vehicle has conquered the desert sands all the way to Mojave, but in all reality that is just not the truth. I will say, there are some very steep inclines in Beverly Hills, but with 500 horsepower I didn’t feel the need to use “low range” with the two speed transfer case, or even lock in one of the three differential settings for more traction.

   Maneuvering is definitely one of the strong points, as the tight turning radius allowed you to negotiate the toughest mall parking garage/lot. Cargo space is a huge plus, and even with shopping packages stacked all the way to the roofline, the backup camera never lets you down.

   You will absolutely love the view from the “Captain Chairs”. Look down on the mere mortals as they try to negotiate the tiled parking area after a private luncheon. Let’s just say that small shrubs and water drainage ditches are no match for the G55 when others are floundering with their Lexus’ trying to make an exit. Plenty of ground clearance for steep driveways!

   I have also left a lot of factory warranty for the next owner. Over 35,000 miles of Mercedes coverage to July 2015 still remain!

   I am sad to announce that this summer someone bumped into the rear of my G55(The rear Camera does not stop people from hitting you). As you can see by the included photos, they put a dent in the spare tire cover. The insurance company used new Mercedes parts and returned her to new. There is a copy of the repair bill readily available for you.

   The time has come for us to part ways, although I can’t remember when I have kept a vehicle for this long duration of time. My loss will certainly be someone’s gain. If you are looking for a beautiful black low mileage G55 that has been very well care for…this is the one!

Thanks for looking!






2009 Mercedes SL65 “Black Series”……SOLD


Collector Alert!

One of 175 produced for US…350 worldwide

Iridium Silver/ Black AMG Exclusive Leather

ONLY 2,515 Miles!

661 Horsepower from the Factory!

Immaculate Condition!

Privately Owned.

The most Exotic & Powerful SL 65 ever  Built to date!

Original MSRP $304,350

WAS…..$229,500……NOW ..$219,350/offer

(Scroll Down for additional photos)

More info on this limited  “2009 Only” model from the AMG line.

If you think the 604-bhp twin-turbo V-12 engine in the already-potent Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG is not quite powerful enough, you might consider checking your pulse. Better yet, check out the new 661-bhp V-12 in the 2009 SL65 AMG Black Series shown at the L.A. Auto Show. It’s a great engine. Using the standard SL65 AMG’s 6.0-liter turbocharged powerplant as a starting point, AMG engineers have been able to achieve an increase in power by installing larger turbos and modifying the ducting for the air intake and waste gates. A new exhaust system also helps.

Complementing the power upgrade are the Black Series’ generous use of composite body panels and adjustable suspension that enhances the car’s on-track performance. The carbon-fiber composites (CFRP) — seen on the front clip, hood, roof and rear spoiler — shave about 550 lb. off the curb weight compared with the standard SL65 AMG. To optimize handling on the track, the shocks, ride height, wheel alignment and camber can be tuned to individual driver preference.

In styling, the new Black Series looks like a standard SL65 AMG, though one that has bulked up on steroids. Up front the air scoops are bigger and deeper. Around the side, vents just aft of the front wheels aid engine cooling. In the back a retractable spoiler extends to improve rear grip when the car exceeds 75 mph. Compared to the standard SL65 AMG, the Black Series rides about 0.5 in. lower and is considerably wider, by 3.8 in. in front and 3.3 in back.

175 Cars produced for the US with 350 total for Worldwide Production.

My apologies for the lack of better photos, but the owner is an enthusiast and not a photographer.

I have included “press photos” to give you a better idea of the overall looks of the Black Series Edition.

Thanks for looking!



2005 Ferrari 575 SuperAmerica


Black/ Black with Silver Stitching

ONE OWNER since new!

Only 5200 Miles!

Excellent Documented Service History!

$169,500/ make offer

Optional Equipment from Ferrari:

  • Daytona Style Seats

  • “Fiorano” Handling Package

  • Scuderia Shields

  • Leather Rear Upholstery

  • Hi Power Hi-Fi & 6 disc CD Changer

  • Silver stitching

The 575 SuperAmerica was a limited  build from Ferrari with only 559 produced for the world in 2005.

Ferrari added 25 more horsepower for the  SuperAmerica over previous 575 models.

The SuperAmerica featured an electrochromatic roof that rotated 180 and nestled nicely over the boot.

This unique design allowed an “Open Air” Supercar without getting a convertible.

Removing and storing the top either in the trunk or garage was also eliminated.

No fabric convertible top or being caught in weather with the top in the garage.

The unique roof allowed you to return to the coupe look, feel, and comfort.

The Limited Production 575 SuperAmerica definitely holds a place in Ferrari history.

Please Call for more details!

Two Videos: IMG_1486        IMG_1488

2013 Ferrari 458 Italia Coupe…ONLY 500 Miles…SOLD!


Rosso Corsa Red / Beige

Black Stitching, Piping, & Carpets

Only 500 Miles

Privately owned and titled…..No Lien

Factory Warranty through 10/2015

7 Year Free maintenance through Ferrari

$279,900 / offer


  • Carbon Fiber Driver Zone with LED Steering Wheel

  • Carbon Fiber sill

  • Power Seats

  • Scuderia Shields

  • Electrochromatic Mirror/ Homelink

  • Leather headliner

  • Rear parking Sensors

  • Black Stitching

  • Black  Piping

  • Ferrari ipod

  • Antenna SDARS

  • Ferrari emblem embossed in Headrests

  • Special Features…$1250

2005 Ferrari F-430 Coupe …SOLD


Silverstone / Black with Silver Stitching and Piping

  • F-1 Transmission

  • Scuderia Shields

  • Daytona Seats

  • Power Seats

  • Red Calipers

  • Alpine CD with Nav

  • Yellow Tach

17,600 Miles (same owner since 6k Miles)

Documented Service History

Michelin Pilot Super Sports

Privately owned and titled in Florida

$124,500/ Offer



2013 McLaren MP4-12C….SOLD


(Scroll down for Photo Gallery)


Volcano Orange/ Black with orange stitching

ONLY 800 Miles!

Factory Options Include:

  • Volcano Orange Elite Paint

  • Lightweight Forged Wheels in Silver

  • Silver Calipers

  • Contrast Stitching on Dashboard, Seats,  & Steering Wheel

  • MSO Exhaust Finish in Stealth

This is a privately owned by a retired gentleman. It has never been driven in the rain or even had a passenger in the seat. The car was detailed meticulously after taking delivery, and has only been “wiped down” with a micro fiber cloth since the detail. Absolutely flawless and looks nicer than the day he took delivery.

Read more below about the NEW changes for the 2013 MP4!

The suite of upgrades to the McLaren MP4-12C specification from October 2012 includes enhancements to the 12C’s engine and transmission, in addition to other functional attributes.

A focus on drivetrain development has given McLaren Automotive’s engineers the opportunity to increase the McLaren MP4-12C’s 3.8-litre twin turbo V8 output from 600PS (592hp) to 625PS (616hp). The redesigned engine mapping has not altered the remarkable efficiency of the M838T engine, with 12C CO2 emissions remaining at just 279 g/km, and fuel economy recorded on the EU combined cycle at 24.2 mpg (11.7 l/100km).

Modification of the 7-Speed SSG transmission to which the McLaren MP4-12C’s high-powered engine is mated has resulted in crisper throttle response and improved clutch control for gear changes that are both faster and smoother.

The McLaren MP4-12C features an innovative Intake Sound Generator (ISG). This system works by controlling engine intake noise within the cabin at differing levels, depending on the Powertrain mode selected for the car.  Moving up through Normal, Sport and Track Powertrain modes enhances the aural drama and driving experience of the 12C, with engine noise in the cabin changing when throttle power is applied and revs increase. With the 2013 specification 12C, the driver will be able to select the level of engine noise delivered in each mode through an electronic menu accessible via the instrument cluster.

Improved usability and occupant comfort:

A new door entry system is a feature of the new MP4-12C. A small button mounted on each door replaces the 12C’s touch sensor system. In line with customer feedback, this modification is intended to simplify the user experience. The ability to unlatch each door using the 12C key fob will be retained.

To improve safety, an enhancement will be made to the headlight activation settings of the McLaren MP4-12C. With the ‘AUTO-lights’ mode selected, the 12C’s headlights will be automatically switched on when rain is detected by the windshield-mounted rain sensor.

The McLaren MP4-12C’s Climate Control System will be modified exclusively for 2013 models. In addition to the standard ‘AUTO’ function of the system; new cars will be supplied with systems inclusive of ‘AUTO LO’ functionality. This new setting enables the desired cabin temperature to be reached in the quietest way possible, using lower fan speeds.

ATTN.   MP4 Owners

NEW AGGRESSIVE LOOK can be ACHIEVED with SP Engineering/ Revozport X Bumper, rear wing, and  underpanel: Call for more info!




2013 Ferrari 458 Coupe……..SOLD


Gloss Black/ Black with  Gray Stitching

Only 100 Miles

Highly optioned from Ferrari

Full Clear Bra Installed prior to delivery

Factory Warranty through April 2016

Free 7 Year maintenance program on 2013 Models


Privately Owned and Titled:

NO Territorial Restrictions:


  • Full Electric Daytona Seats

  • Alcantara Daytona Inserts

  • Carbon Fiber Driver Zone w/ LED Steering Wheel

  • Carbon Fiber Tunnel Trim

  • Leather Headliner

  • Leather Rear Shelving

  • AFS w/ Front Suspension lift system

  • Hi Power HI-FI System

  • Satellite Radio

  • Ipod Connection

  • Silver Calipers

  • 20″ Sport Forged Diamond Rims

  • Scuderia Shields

  • Ferrari Horse Stitched in Headrests

  • Front and Rear Parking Sensors

  • White Rev Counter


Getting clomid in the uk


(Photo Gallery-Scroll Down)

Blue/ Ivory w/ tan Top


ONLY 8200 Miles

$59,500/ Offer

Original MSRP $125K Plus $16k in JRD Mods

Special Ordered:

Automatic Tranny

JRD Custom Color Keyed BBS Wheel Package

JRD 525 HP Package

JRD Tuning has been a key part of the development team for the Esperante since 1998.

Though separate companies, there is a seamless flow of technology and innovation between Panoz and JRD resulting in a high level of customization and personalization to the Panoz lineup.

JRD offers a comprehensive set of packages that can transform your Panoz Esperante into a 600 HP asphalt-munching monster with over 500 lb-ft of torque

The merging of legitimate race inspired design with true American muscle power creates a top-of-the-line sports touring model that can run with the best that the world has to offer.  The limited-availability Esperante GTLM involves matching a super-charged and inter-cooled 4.6L V-8 with a 6-spd. manual transmission to result in world-class performance, handling and control.

Panoz GTLM Specifications (scroll down after gallery)

Engine & Drivetrain
Engine: Hand assembled SVT, Supercharged, 4-cam, 32 valve, 90 degree V-8 with cast iron block & aluminum heads
Displacement:  4.6 Liters/ 280cid (4,601 cc)
Horsepower @ rpm: 420 @ 6,000
Torque @ rpm:  320 @ 3,500
Fuel Injection: Sequential electronic
Transmission: Tremec T56 6-speed manual
Differential:  Limited-slip type
Traction Control: All-speed
Suspension, Wheels & Tires
Front: Fully independent double wishbone configuration with gas charged   aluminum coil-over Dynamic Dampers and 1.0 inch (25.4 mm)   tubular anti-roll bar.
Rear: Fully independent, double wishbones with race inspired geometry &     featuring gas charged aluminum coil-over Dynamic Dampers.
Wheels: Front – Aluminum BBS RK, 18 x 8.5 in Rear – Aluminum BBS RK, 18 x 8.5 in
Tires: Front – P255/45ZR18 Rear – P255/45ZR18
0-62 mph (0-100 km/h): 4.2 sec – Std. GTLM
Quarter Mile: 12.8 sec. @ 109.4 mph
Lateral Acceleration: 0.98 g
Top Speed: 180 mph (289.0 km/h)
EPA Mileage Rating: 17 city / 25 hwy

2013 McLaren MP4 Spider


White/ Red & Black

Only 350 Miles

Original MSRP $331k

2012 Aston Martin Vantage “S”…..SOLD!


 Stratus White / Obsidian Black Full Leather

8200 Miles

Price: 112,950/ offer (Returned to factory equipment) OR

$124,500 /offer with all upgrades and all stock parts.

(Separate Gallery pictures for stock and modified…scroll down))

This is an extremely highly optioned “S” from Aston

Original MSRP: $157, 733

Additional Add-Ons: $18,500 (See itemized list below)


  •  Satellite Navigation System($3,128)

  •  Piano Black Fascia w/Piano Interior($2,270)

  • Aston Martin Premium Audio($1,595)

  • Side Strake Carbon Fiber($1,595)

  • 19 inch V-Spoke Graphite DT 315hz($1,595)

  • Satellite Radio($1,495)

  • Brake Calipers-Red in Color($1,020)

  • Exterior Paint-Contemporary($1,020)

  • Bright Finish Grille($750)

  • Heated Front Seats($750)

  • Secondary Glass ECU($750)

  • Memory Seats($750)

  • High Spec Alarm($450)


  • 3M Clear Protection ($1000)

  • OEM Aston Martin V-12 Hood with RSC authentic carbon fiber vents($5795 plus $1000 to paint & install).

  • COR 3-piece wheels with authentic carbon fiber overlay on outer lip  ($6400 wheels plus carbon fiber overlay  $1400= $7800)

  • Authentic carbon fiber overlay on front grill- ($750)

  • Eibach Springs lowering kit ($699)

  • Front Tires: Pirelli P-Zero   255/30/21  (2x $337= $674)

  • Rear Tires: Pirelli P-Zero 295/25/21   (2x$376= $752)

  • Total cost tires- ($1426 plus mounting and balancing)

Gallery with Exterior Mods:

Gallery without Mods and Interior shots:

Vantage “S” model Features over Base Vantage model:

The S trailing the name of this Vantage stands for “sport”—hardly astonishing news—but the differences between sport and standard (one simply cannot employ so mundane a descriptor as “base” in connection with an Aston Martin) are a bit elusive. S means a little more motor, a little more brake, a little more rubber, a little less weight, some small trim distinctions, and, of course, a little more money.

The engine is Aston’s familiar 4.7-liter aluminum V-8, with improved intake airflow, new mufflers, and new programming that keeps the exhaust system’s bypass valves open longer. The net is 430 hp and 361 lb-ft of torque, gains of 10 ponies and 15 lb-ft. Although it’s a small gain in output, the S’s new transmission (more on that in a moment) should help it whittle the Vantage’s 0-to-60-mph time down from the 4.3 of the last example we tested to about four flat. Beyond that, the menacing V-8 sounds that emerge when the bypass valves open up and the engine soars toward redline are almost worth the price premium on their own, with or without the extra thrust.

Engine output flows through a new single-clutch seven-speed Graziano automated manual to a limited-slip rear differential; the carbon fiber driveshaft spins in an aluminum torque tube. From there, power is applied to the pavement via a set of fat (285/35) Bridgestone Potenzas on 19-inch cast aluminum wheels. (The front tires measure 245/40-19.)

There are no chassis rigidity distinctions between Vantage and Vantage S, and none was needed. The bonded aluminum tub is as stiff as a railroad trestle. But the elements attached to the tub—dampers, springs, and bushings—are a bit more stern than those in the, uh, everyday Vantage. Allied with a quicker steering rack, the sum of the upgrades is an exceptional level of response.

Brakes are always a key element in the process of elevating sporty to sportier still, and that’s true here. The front rotors grow slightly to 15 inches, and the rears carry over at 13. All corners are vented and grooved, with six-piston calipers grabbing the fronts and four-pot pincers in the rear. It’s worth noting that much of the foregoing is pretty conventional hardware—nonadjustable dampers, single-rate springs, cast-iron rotors—but it works. Very well. Stylistically, the S models its rockers, decklid, and front and rear fascias after the V-12 vantages

The speed-sensitive steering is a little quicker than that of the standard V-8 Vantage and utterly devoid of secrets—the driver’s sense of connection with the front wheels approaches race-car tactile. Although the S’s 3600-pound curb weight is less than 100 pounds lighter than the Vantage’s, its combination of tightly controlled body motions, right-now reflexes, and substantial grip make it feel almost sprightly. Powerful, fade-free brakes and supportive seats contribute greatly to driver confidence.

The V-8 Vantage S is handsome and beautifully crafted inside and out.  It  attracts attention wherever it goes, drawing admiring glances and provoking fights among valets.

Compared with other cars that have this much curb appeal, even the S model Vantage looks like something of a bargain., and if exclusivity is high on your list of priorities, the S does trump the base Vantage.

2013 Lamborghini LP700 Aventador…WOW!!

Attn. Arizona, Nevada, and Illinois residents:

  • Save $30,000 in Sales Tax!


(Scroll down to complete photo gallery)

Matte Black/ Black

Only 350 Miles

3M protected prior to delivery

Lamborghini factory ECU upgrade installed prior to delivery.

Privately Owned and titled.

NO Territorial Restrictions

2013 Model highly optioned from Lamborghini.

Call or email for complete option list.

NOTE: Plastic covers still on sills and carpets from factory:

2012 Rolls Royce EWB Ghost


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English White/ Moccasin with Black Trim

ONLY 1650 Miles


NEW for 2012 from Rolls Royce: Extended Wheel Base!!

TWICE the rear LEG ROOM as the standard Ghost!

This is a beautiful color combo ONE OWNER Rolls Royce!

Original MSRP $351K

Factory Options: Heavily Optioned!

Feature Selection 2 :

Drivers Assistance Package 3:

  • Panorama Sunroof

  • Heads Up Display

  • Night Vision

  • Lane Departure Warning

  • High Beam Assistance

  • Active Cruise Control

  • Comfort Entry System

Other Options:

  • Picnic Tables

  • Lambs Wool Floor Mats

  • Polished Steel Tread Plates

  • Chromed Visible Exhaust

  • Extended Leather

  • “RR” Monogrammed Headrests

  • Front Ventilated Seats

  • Rear ventilated Seats

  • Front Massage Seats

  • Rear Massage Seats

  • Silver Satin Bonnet Finish

  • Baby Colored Wheel Centers

1983 Porsche 930 Turbo Coupe…ONLY 50 Kilometers!….SOLD


Porsche Collector Alert!!

Guards Red/ Black …..  $129,500/offer


All Original

  • Yes mileage is correct…50 Kilometers

  • Vehicle was ordered and purchased from Hahn Sportwagen in Stutgart Germany.

  • Upon purchase vehicle was immediately flown to US  via Luthansa Airlines.

  • EPA and DOT approved work done at Classic Coach(have documentation)

  • Porsche has been stored and started since 1983.


  • Original order with Porsche dealer

  • Order Confirmation by Porsche dealer

  • Original Dealer receipt for purchase

  • EPA and DOT paperwork

  • Surety Bond

  • Owners books


  • 058  Bumper with Impact Absorbers

  • 197  Higher Amperage battery

  • 220 Locking Differential

  • 261 Passenger Side Mirror- Electric

  • 409 Sports Seats Left and Right in Leather

  • 533 Alarm System

  • 559 Air Conditioner (with Front and Rear Condenser)

  • 650 Sunroof




2006 Ferrari F430 Spider….6 SPEED…SOLD!


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Black / Beige

6 Speed Manual Tranny

10,845 Miles


Options and Extras:

  • Power Seats

  • Daytona Seats

  • Yellow calipers

  • Yellow Tach

  • Scuderia Shields

  • 3M Protection

  • Black Painted Ferrari Wheels

  • Fab Speed Exhaust

  • Fresh Oil Service

Inspections Welcomed!

Call 417-300-6980 or email for more info

2010 Lamborghini LP670-4 SV…SOLD!


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Giallo Orion (Pearl Yellow) / Black

Only 7200 Miles

#60 of 186 produced for the World(Note: 350 were to be initially built)


Signed by Valentino Balboni

Privately Owned

Immaculate Condition

Inspections Welcomed!

Factory Options:

  • Large Wing

  • Rear View Camera

  • Navigation System

  • Super Veloce Carbon Package

  • Super Veloce Floor Mats

Other Equipment:

  • Larini Exhaust

  • Clear Bra

Lamborghini History:

The LP670-4 SV is the ultimate Murcielago that highlighted the 9 year production run of Lamborghini’s flagship model. The Murcielago was introduced in 2002 and took an immediate grasp on the Supercar world.

In 2007 Lamborghini introduced the LP640 model with many improvements over the original Murcielago and would be produced until 2009. Just as the Diablo was an “evolutionary”  Supercar with improvements in styling, handling, power, ergonomics over the 10 year production run… the same is true for the LP670-4 SV.

The LP670 culminated the most successful production Supercar model ever with their limited production “Super Veloce” in 2010. Outrageous styling (inside and out) with 661 ground pounding horsepower, and 221 pounds lighter than the previous LP640 put the SV model in a class of its own.

Lamborghini collectors should take note that the SV has definitely earned the slot among your Countach and Diablo. Not to take anything away from the Versace model or the Reventon, but if one was to keep one model from the Murcielago production run, the choice would have to be the SV.

Available for immediate delivery worldwide!

Call 417-300-6980 or email for more details

2006 Mercedes SLR McLaren Coupe


Crystal Galaxite Black/ Black

Brabus Wheels (Stock wheels available-your choice of wheels)

9100 Miles

Documented Service History:

  • 1 Year service…1781 Miles
  • “B” Service ….5961 Miles
  • “A” Service ….8,986 Miles


Privately Owned

   The McLaren SLR is Mercedes answer to the Ferrari Enzo and Porsche Carrera GT with performance statistics to match those two Supercars. This Mercedes is a showcase of cutting-edge technology, not only for its incredible engine but also for its novel use of carbon fiber and other exotic innovations.

   It catapults to 60 mph from rest in 3.8 seconds and hits a top speed of more than 200 mph.The $450,000 SLR brings together two of the most respected names in the automotive industry: Mercedes-Benz’s in-house AMG performance division supplies a 617-hp supercharged V8, while British firm McLaren Automotive, creator of Mercedes-Benz’s Formula One race cars, designed and hand assembles the car itself at its facility in Working, England.

    One dramatic example of technology transfer from Formula 1 racing is the carbon fiber composite material of the new SLR body, which provides rigidity and strength never before achieved in road-going vehicles. Equally impressive is its high level of occupant protection. The SLR is distinguished as the first series production vehicle to utilize a front crash structure made exclusively of carbon fiber. Specially designed to absorb crash energy at a constant rate, the carbon fiber crash structure absorbs four to five times more energy in a severe frontal collision than similar structures made of conventional steel.

   The high-performance SLR supercar is one of very few production cars to make use of ceramic brake technology. The brake discs on the SLR are made of a new composite material – a fiber-reinforced ceramic with astounding stopping power, high heat resistance, outstanding structural strength and long service life. The discs weigh less than half that of conventional brakes, and are fitted with eight-piston calipers in front and four-piston calipers in the rear. The brake system alone can decelerate the SLR up to 1.3 g, producing the theoretical equivalent of 2,000 horsepower. In addition, an innovative airbrake in the form of an adaptive rear spoiler in the trunk lid increases downforce, improving stability and braking even further. Under hard braking above 59 mph, the air brake pops up at a 65-degree angle, helping to stop the car from 62 mph is just 114 feet.
The SLR doesn’t compromise luxury and comfort like other supercars do. Truly an exotic car that is drivable on a daily basis.

Production capacity is limited to 500 cars per year for the world. The first SLR rolled off the line in May 2004, and the 1,000th SLR for worldwide production left the building in February 2006. Production was ended in May 2009 for the SLR, with the coupes being 2005- 2006 US models, and the Roadster labeled as 2008-2009 US models.